How to ignite the flames of desire in your lady friend

Know that igniting the flames of desire in that special lady friend is not impossible. Plenty of methods exist to get her attention and make her want you. 

Just follow these steps when dating your sexy Brisbane escorts, and watch how they respond. You’d be surprised at how effective these methods are in creating a spark that will keep the flames burning all night.

Create A Mood Of Playfulness

An excellent way to do this is through humor and playful teasing. You can also use playful touching and banter that makes her laugh out loud.

When you’re around your woman, try telling silly jokes that make her laugh out loud. This will help you get the right mindset to create sexual chemistry with her.

Sexy blonde woman in black lingerie on bed.

Don’t Make Her Think Too Much

A woman’s mind is like a computer. It can be exhausting for her when she has to work hard to figure out what you want. She’ll feel pressured to respond and feel like she must prove herself to you. 

The last thing you want is for your date to feel judged by how well she performs during the date. If she feels that way, it will kill any sexual tension in an instant. 

Get Physically Close To Her

Make sure she is comfortable with it, and touch her hand or shoulder. Use the power of touch, so don’t be afraid of being the first one to make physical contact. It can be a subtle move to start the fire that will make her want you to hold her. 

To ignite the flames of desire in a woman, you must touch her in a way that makes her feel attractive, not just sexual. Touching is an integral part of foreplay and can help build up the anticipation for when you finally have sex with her.

Touching also helps build trust between two people, so if you don’t make her feel desired by touching her gently, then she won’t trust you enough to let go during sex and allow herself to enjoy it fully.

Using The Bedroom Voice

You can use your voice to build sexual attraction in a woman. You can lower your tone of voice, speak more slowly, and be more expressive with your words. Using a bedroom voice will make her feel like she’s being seduced by someone who knows exactly what he wants out of life, and that person just might be you.

Make Her Feel Desired

A woman wants to feel like she’s being desired, so you can make her feel more appealing by keeping it playful and physical. This means not being too serious, but also not making her overthink. 

Playfulness will help ignite desire in a unique way. You’ll be able to bring about that desired intense passion between the sheets. 

Use your voice carefully, and women respond incredibly well when someone uses their voice as an instrument of seduction. When talking normally, it is conversational. When you lower your voice and whisper things, your words will make her feel more turned on. 

In Conclusion

These are a few ways to ignite the flames of desire in a woman. You can seduce women by making the right moves. Make her feel sexy so she will go to bed with you.